PurityPlus® Oxygen 5.0: The Preferred Ultra-High-Purity, Research-Grade Oxygen in Denver


Rocky Mountain Air Solutions is a primary source for PurityPlus® research-grade oxygen. It’s identified as Oxygen 5.0. With a 99.999% purity rating, it’s the top grade of oxygen PurityPlus® turns out. That makes it ideal for use in all kinds of critical Denver laboratory and industrial applications.

In laboratories, PurityPlus® Oxygen 5.0 is frequently used as either a bleaching or an oxidizing agent, as a combustible for flame ionization detectors, and wherever analytical or developmental applications gain in a major way from oxygen of such purity.

Industrial uses for PurityPlus® Oxygen 5.0 cover a lot of ground. This, for example, is the leading gas for laser-etching silicon substrates in the making of semiconductors. It also figures quite often as a component in gas blends used to encourage industrial hygiene and safety.

What’s more, you’ll find PurityPlus® Oxygen 5.0 used a lot in …

  • gas welding, gas cutting, and other such industry applications;
  • the steel industry – mainly to elevate combustion temperatures in blast and open-hearth furnaces;
  • oxidation processes crucial to the chemical, pharmaceutical, and petroleum industries;
  • glass and ceramic manufacture;
  • pulp and paper manufacturing – mainly as a bleaching chemical in the production of superior-quality bleached pulp;
  • the medical and healthcare industries – where the greatest purity is essential, say, during surgery, for intensive-care treatment, and for inhalation therapy;
  • waste-water treatment plants.

There are, as you’ve no doubt reckoned, other jobs for PurityPlus® Oxygen 5.0. But these are the uses to which the better part of our Denver-area customers put it. Aside from the fact that we make it amply available to them – wherever and whenever they need it – our customers also treasure the personal, localized service we provide … along with our uniform, highly competitive pricing.

For the ultra-high-purity, research-grade oxygen you need, contact Rocky Mountain Air Solutions, your local PurityPlus® Partner and specialty gas specialist, today.